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MEDIC Coordinators

Thank you for agreeing to host a MEDIC blood drive! We appreciate your support and your willingness to serve as your organization's coordinator. Although there will be a recruiter to help you maximize your participation rate, we depend on you to generate enthusiasm and filter questions that potential donors might have. Your recruiter can help you along the way, but please take the time to look over our helpful hints for ideas on how to best plan your drive.

Again, a MEDIC recruiter will deliver flyers and brochures to you week prior to your drive date. Also, your MEDIC representative is available to speak to groups or to work a sign-up table during lunch/break times. We want to help you have a successful drive, but we depend on you to let us know what type of assistance you need.

Thank you for caring about the health and well-being of our community by serving as a blood drive coordinator! Good luck!

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